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As a third-year player for the Nets, Cameron Thomas has seen a lot during his short career so far. He is a building block for the future with the current team and is the star player for the ongoing iteration.

In the past, he was only a youngster on the team under Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. The expectations were lofty back then, as most people predicted Brooklyn would compete for championships. Those days are gone, and now the Nets are in a different era. Cam wants the fans to know the team needs time to gel and grow.

“You have guys like Mikal, me, Claxton. I feel like when we play together, we get good minutes together, Cam Johnson, we’re very efficient together. I feel like we just need more reps together and figuring out how each other plays,” Thomas said to Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes.

Cam holds the current squad in high regard

While there are some limitations to the current squad, Cam is high on what this team is capable of. Contextually, the Nets have dealt with countless injuries, which have hurt the team’s momentum. The team was competitive to start the 2023/24 season, but injuries messed with the rhythm.

Cam is confident in his performance, but he also knows Johnson, Bridges, and Nic Claxton are vital to the Nets’ future. Thomas also knows that he will be part of that core and the road back to success for the Brooklyn-based organization.

“When they got traded, I was out of the lineup, out of the rotation. Then it was them three playing. I feel like when we play together and get reps together, we’re a tough team to beat… Don’t look at right now, ‘cause it’s tough, we’re going through some tough stuff,” Cam continued in his conversation with Haynes.

The Nets have more potential members for the core

Brooklyn has a solid core, but they will need more support. You can include Dennis Smith Jr. and Lonnie Walker IV there, but they will have to re-sign with the Nets to do so. Rookies Jalen Wilson and Noah Clowney look promising enough to be part of the regular rotation.

General manager Sean Marks has built a good foundation for the team. The Nets must get results soon to convince free agents to sign with Brooklyn or make them an attractive destination for players who requested trades.