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From Coby White, Tyrese Maxey, and Jalen Johnson, at this point, the season has started to generate plenty of candidates to win the Most Improved Player. But amid the noise that these three are drawing from around the league, it remains intriguing to think that Cam Thomas hasn't been regarded by the majority yet for the said award.

The numbers already back Cam's campaign for this season's MIP. Amongst any other players in the NBA, the 23-year-old saw the biggest leap in scoring as he is tallying 21.3 points — doubling the 10.6 markers rate he tallied from last year. Alongside the increase in his points averages is the slight surge for both of his boards (2.9) and assists (2.7) numbers.

As such, he has enjoyed the full trust and confidence within the organization for a greater role, which is highlighted by his 29.8 minutes per game exposure.

Collective success over individual goal

While he firmly believes that he deserves to get recognized in the Most Improved discussion, Thomas reiterated that his focus remains intact on aiding the Brooklyn Nets' ongoing campaign.

As it is, Brooklyn remains in survival mode as they are currently sitting at the 11th spot of the East with a 26-39 card — three games away from the final Play-In spot.

“I feel like my name should definitely be in the [Most Improved Player] conversation more, but whatever happens happens. I’m just worried about getting wins for the team because we have bigger goals like getting to the playoffs the Play-In. So I feel that’s more important than that,” he said in an appearance on Live Show with Chris Haynes.

Team matters the most

Besides trying to further elevate his performance, Cam still needs to play for the next 16 or 17 games so that he can satisfy the 65-game mark that the MIP candidacy requires.

Nevertheless, he's approaching the forthcoming matches with a much heavier intent to help the Nets win rather than for personal intentions.

“Obviously, for the season I had, with what I’ve gone through my first two years until now, just playing sporadically, now kind of getting a full-time role a little bit in my third year and just having a jump like this, I feel like that just can’t go unnoticed. Especially playing on the Nets, it just can’t go unnoticed for me.

“Obviously, I think my name should be in the conversation, but I’ll go as far as my team and that’s all that matters to me.”