Denver Nuggets President Gets Brutally Honest on Improving Roster

It's going to be very hard to improve.
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The Denver Nuggets need to improve their roster for next season. Unfortunately, doing that is going to be much easier than it sounds because of the new CBA rules.

Denver Nuggets President Josh Kroenke spoke about the difficulties of improving the team during the Nuggets' exit interviews and it's going to be a process. Despite needing improvements, Kroenke remains very confident in Nikola Jokic and his starting five.

"The core of this team was assembled under a different CBA," Kroenke said. "We drafted, we developed, and we built this team under a different set of rules. Those rules have kind of changed on the fly. Last summer, it wasn't quite as pertinent as it is going to be this summer, coming off of a championship and some of our contractual situations last summer. But we're going to put our heads together and figure out how we can keep improving. We have the best player in the world. We think we still have the best starting five in basketball."

With the new CBA rules, the Nuggets will have to make sacrifices to make improvements. Obviously, keeping their starting five together will be the main priority, but it's going to be tough.

"But there is going to be some constraints coming in with the new collective bargaining agreement and the new rules that we're going to have to be very aware of and we have to plan accordingly," Kroenke said. "They do make it difficult to re-tool a championship roster on the fly."

How the Denver Nuggets will improve remains to be seen, but what the Denver Nuggets need to is very clear-cut - strengthen the bench.

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