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New York Knicks Star Reacts to Kyrie Irving's Game Winner

Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving called game against the Denver Nuggets
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Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving took the basketball world by storm on Sunday afternoon with his incredible game winner vs. the Denver Nuggets. Shooting a left-handed floater from just inside the three-point line, Irving sent the defending champions home with a loss, and gave his Mavericks a huge victory.

As previously mentioned, the entire NBA world has been weighing in on Irving's incredible shot, including New York Knicks star and former Dallas Mavericks guard Jalen Brunson:

Brunson was never teammates with Irving on the Mavericks, but did play for Dallas from 2018-2022. The Knicks star has emerged as one of the top guards in the NBA, currently averaging 27.5 PPG for the 4th seed.

Irving's shot is what many are calling the most impressive game winner in NBA history. While that list is incredibly long, and filled with amazing game winning shots, some of the league's most respected figures have said Irving's shot tops them all.

To even attempt an off-hand floater in that moment is incredible, but to knock it down while making it look easy is something that seemingly only Irving could pull off. Arguably the most skilled player the game has ever seen, Irving reminded the world on Sunday just how different he is.

For Dallas, this was a huge win, and for Denver it was a tough loss at the buzzer.

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