Nikola Jokic Makes Viral Appearance During NBA Finals

A rare Nikola Jokic appearance has gone viral.
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Nikola Jokic isn't the type of player fans are going to see often once he's in the offseason. Any appearance is rare, and it usually ends up going viral. During these NBA Finals, Jokic won't be watching the games in the arena, but he's actually spending his time outside in nature.

A new video of Jokic dropped showing him rafting in what appears to be Serbia. The video has over 400,000 views in just one hour and immediately made waves.

Nikola Jokic is one of the most fascinating players when the offseason begins. He's very similar to Kawhi Leonard in that he has no social media, rarely does interviews, and the only times anyone will ever see him is if a fan is randomly recording while he's passing by. It's clear that when he does eventually retire, no one will probably hear from him again. Jokic will spend his time with his family, and horses, and just live peacefully in Serbia.

Before that ever happens though, Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets clearly want to get back into championship contention. For all of the talk critics made about Jokic not caring about basketball, it's clear that losing against the Minnesota Timberwolves clearly didn't sit well with him. One can expect that Jokic and the Nuggets will come out of this offseason in better shape than they've ever been before.

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