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According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo!, Darren Collison will workout for the Golden State Warriors this week. 

The Tweet from Haynes can be seen in a post on August 30, that is embedded below.

How would Collison fit on the Warriors with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson?

Collison is an excellent shooter, and the Warriors are the place for shooting out of all of the NBA teams. 

Between Curry and Thompson they have two of the ten greatest shooters to ever play in the NBA. 

While Collison would probably not see a lot of floor time with the two All-Stars he would bring another shooting threat when those two are not on the floor, and he could definitely play beside Thompson when Curry is on the bench. 

In his last NBA season with the Pacers in 2019, Collison shot over 40% from the three-point range. 

In fact, the season before that, he shot an asinine 46.8% from the three-point range. 

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He shot a higher percentage than both Curry and Thompson that season. 

He would also bring more experience to one of the younger teams that Warriors have had over the last few seasons. 

At 34 years old, he has ten NBA years under his belt, and has played in the NBA Playoffs in five different seasons. 

Overall, there is no question that if he was committed to coming back, and is in similar basketball shape as he was in during his last NBA season, he would fit perfectly with the Warriors franchise. 

He would be the perfect backup to Curry, and provide serious help to a young Warriors team. 

Collison played for the Indiana Pacers two different times over the course of his ten-year NBA career which stopped in 2019. 

He first played for the Pacers from 2010-12 (two seasons) and then once again played in Indiana for the last two seasons of his career 2017-19. 

Mark Haynes of ClutchPoints reports that just because Collison is working out for teams that does not mean he is officially coming out of retirement. 

The Tweet from Haynes can be seen below and his article can be read here. 

Collison had previously worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers earlier in August according to Haynes of Yahoo! (see Tweet below and read article here).