On Friday, Hoops Hype released the list of their top-22 power forwards in the NBA. 

The article from Hoops Hype can be read in the hyperlink that is above. 

Domantas Sabonis of the Indiana Pacers made the top-five (fifth on the list).

The list of the players who made their top-ten forwards can be seen in a Tweet that is embedded below from NBA Central's Twitter account. 

Hoops Hype's Top-Ten Power Forwards: 

1.) Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks) 

2.) Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers) 

3.) Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans) 

4.) Julius Randle (New York Knicks) 

5.) Domantas Sabonis (Indiana Pacers) 

6.) John Collins (Atlanta Hawks)

7.) Tobias Harris (Philadelphia 76ers)

8.) Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors) 

9.) Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors) 

10.) Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks) 

The list is good, and there are not any controversial placements on there. 

After last season, there is not a lot of room for anyone to be better than Antetokounmp, but in years past Davis could have easily been number one. 

Randle had a supremely good season for the Knicks, and turned himself into an NBA All-Star. 

Just a few years ago people would have scoffed at seeing him make the top-four power forwards in all of the NBA but he earned his placement on the list. 

As for Sabonis, he plays for the small market Pacers who did not make the playoffs, so it is good to see him getting recognition (top-five) after having an All-Star season for the second year in a row.