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LeBron James NBA Top Shot Sells For Over $387,000

An NBA Top Shot sold for $387,600 of a LeBron James highlight where he emulates a famous Kobe Bryant dunk.

NBA Top Shot has become a new form of collecting sports moments and a new way to invest. The rights to the product are sold exclusively by the NBA, as they are the sole producers of the content. 

In October of 2020, the product first launched but took off with a vengeance in January of the new year. Over 300,000 people waited in line yesterday to buy a $14 Top Shot pack, but they had only 92,500 packs available.

In February, a Victor Oladipo Indiana Pacers highlight sold for nearly $15,000, and the lowest ask on that same highlight is $22,000 today.

Oladipo is a well-known player, but for LeBron James, the stakes get even higher. A bidder recently bought a LeBron James highlight for $387,600 on Heritage Auctions Sports, according to MomentRanks. 

The specific James highlight is a dunk he had on a fast-break against the Houston Rockets at Staples Center in February of last season. There is only 59 of that particular highlight, and this buyer bought the one serial numbered 3/59.

In the dunk, he is emulating the late Kobe Bryant with the reverse-slam.

The sale breaks the NBA Top Shot record for largest purchase. 

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