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Detroit Pistons Center Praises Teammate in Latest Social Media Post

Taj Gibson posts about Pistons center James Wiseman on social media.

With a roster full of young players, having a strong veteran presence is crucial for development. The Detroit Pistons understood this need, and addressed it recently. 

After signing a 10-day contract, Taj Gibson has earned a spot on the Pistons for the rest of the season. While he hasn't been seen much on the court, his impact has been behind the scenes. 

As someone who has hung around the league for over a decade, Gibson is an ideal veteran for the Pistons' locker room. With two young centers on the roster, they could learn a lot from a player like him. Through his first few weeks with the team, Gibson has already taken one young player under his wing. 

Last year, the Pistons decided to take a chance on James Wiseman. Things didn't work out for the former No. 2 pick with the Golden State Warriors, but Detroit offered a much different situation. Since the arrival of Gibson, Wiseman has slowly started to break out of his shell. 

The Pistons big recently touched on what Gibson has done for him, and the veteran has continued to show his impact. He recently took to social media to post about Wiseman and his growing confidence. 

In the Pistons' recent stretch, Wiseman has provided a big lift off the bench. Arguably his best outing of the season came against the Dallas Mavericks, when he posted 17 points and 12 rebounds. Slowly but surely, Wiseman is finding his footing in the league with the Pistons. 

It's still early, but having a good veteran around might have been what Wiseman needed all along. Even in his brief time with the franchise, Gibson has already earned his contract for the final weeks of the season.