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Detroit Pistons Land Player With Michael Porter Jr. Comp in Mock Draft

Who do the Detroit Pistons select in The Ringer's updated 2024 NBA Mock Draft?

With the Detroit Pistons officially eliminated from playoff contention in 2024, it’s time to start really focusing on the upcoming offseason, which begins with the draft.

Once again, the Pistons are slated to get a top-tier pick. Being that they have just ten wins in early March, there’s a good chance the Pistons could find themselves within the top three.

In The Ringer’s latest 2024 mock draft, the Pistons end up with the second-overall selection, placing behind the Victor Wembanyama-led San Antonio Spurs.

Who’s the Selection?

There aren’t any surprises here. Like most mock drafts you’ve seen at this point in the season, the Pistons are projected to take on the French forward, Zaccharie Risacher.

The Ringer’s draft analyst Kevin O’Connor compares the 19-year-old forward’s playing style to Denver Nuggets standout Michael Porter Jr., a former 14th overall pick, who has garnered a key role on a championship-winning squad out West.

“It’s another French guy to the Pistons! Hopefully this one works better than Killian Hayes did for Detroit (and for me). At a minimum, Risacher projects as someone who can add much-needed shooting and cohesion to complement Detroit’s core pieces. And if his own playmaking ability continues progressing, he could blossom into a centerpiece.” via O'Connor

A player with Risacher’s size, who possesses offensive versatility is a plus for a young Pistons team. Knowing they need to surround the star guard Cade Cunningham with reliable shooters, Risacher’s 45 percent from beyond the arc on 3.4 attempts per game with JL Bourg is an intriguing stat considering what Detroit should be in search of.

Who Does Detroit Miss?

If the Pistons land the second pick, they’ll have a great chance to get their dream prospect from the current pool. In this scenario, the Spurs snatch up Reed Sheppard, a rising guard out of Kentucky. 

With a top selection in the lottery, it’s typically wise to take the best player available rather than drafting solely for need. Sheppard has become a new favorite for many draft analysts in recent weeks, but most mock drafts have consistently projected the Pistons to take a chance on Risacher or Perth’s Alex Sarr. 

In this case, the former player is the pick early on.