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Report: Boucher says he's gained 15 pounds

Toronto Raptors big Chris Boucher says he's gained 15 pounds over the NBA's COVID-19 hiatus

Toronto Raptors' big Chris Boucher might look a little different when he returns to game action next month.

The 27-year-old Boucher told reporters he's gained 15 pounds over the NBA's COVID-19 hiatus.

Boucher came into the season listed at 6-foot-9, 200-pounds.

While he's never been a particularly strong post-up player, Boucher has made a name for himself this season as an energetic bench player who can get up and down the court quickly and contest shots on the perimeter. He's contested 118 3-point shots this season, which ranks third in the NBA on a per-minute basis for players with at least 500 minutes played, according to NBA stats.

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On the other end of the court, Boucher's 1.41 points per possession in transition is in the 93rd percentile for NBA players, per NBA stats, albeit in a very limited sample size.

Though Boucher likely won't see very many minutes in the playoffs if the Raptors remain healthy, a slightly bigger frame should help him hold his own in the post a little better when the season returns for Toronto next month.

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