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Two and a half years after Kawhi Leonard drained his iconic Game 7 clinching shot for the Toronto Raptors, JJ Redick has begun spreading conspiracy theories that suggest The Shot never should have happened.

On the latest episode of Redick's The Old Man and the Three podcast, the former Philadelphia 76ers guard accused Leonard of traveling just seconds before he drained the series-winning shot.

"I didn't watch the clip. It was so painful. I didn't watch the clip for well over a year," Redick said. "And I was scrolling through Instagram one day and there was a fan angle from right behind your bench... and it was the first time I'd rewatched the clip. And what I realized from rewatching the clip is when Kawhi caught the ball, he got a running start and traveled."

It's not the first time Redick has suggested the NBA missed the travel. He apparently texted Tobias Harris during the first few months of the pandemic to say Leonard's shot never should have counted.

"I went on and watched and he definitely did travel when he caught the ball,” Harris told TNT's Ernie Johnson. “When he got to the baseline and shot this rainbow shot I was like no way. It was just unreal about how the trojectory of the basketball bounced. It’s hard to talk about.”

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A month prior, in May 2020, former 76ers veteran Mike Scott also accused Leonard of traveling. 

“I still think Kawhi traveled, but, whatever. Call me a sore loser," he reportedly said.

Well, not only did the referees not call a travel during the game, but the NBA's Last Two Minute report did not even mention the call as a potential violation of league rules. Ironically, it did say the referees missed one call in the final two minutes of the game, a foul that should have been called against Redick during Leonard's drive to the rim with just less than a minute to go in the game.

Anyways, you can be the judge:

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