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Whether you’re an average, everyday Joe or an NBA player with millions of dollars at your disposal, everybody has their own demons to fight from time to time when life gets hard.

Former Houston Rockets point guard John Wall, who completed a buyout with the team this summer before signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, candidly revealed just how tough the last few years have been for him. 

“I thought about committing suicide,” Wall said at his foundation event with the Salvation Army. “Tearing my Achilles, my mom passing, my grandma dying a year later, in the midst of COVID. Me going to chemotherapy, sitting by my mom taking her last breaths wearing the same clothes for 3 days straight.”

Wall credits his family members, friends and team for helping him get through his darkest days. After persevering, he’s now ready to get back to doing something he hasn’t done in a long time — playing meaningful basketball.

Wall hasn’t had a taste of postseason basketball since the 2017-18 season with the Washington Wizards, but that is likely to change this year with the Clippers, who will have a fully healthy Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to start to season.

“A lot of people say you look good on paper. A lot of guys, we're at an age in our careers where we just wanna win,” said Wall about joining the Clippers as a role player. “Ain't about trying to be the best player, trying to lead the team in scoring, or trying to be MVP."

Multiple reports say Wall has looked outstanding in workouts this summer. If he can back to even 75 percent of the player he used to be in Washington, he might just be the piece that pushes the Clippers over the top. Regardless, though, we’re just happy he’s here and getting that chance.

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