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NBA Mock Draft: Who Do Spurs Take at No. 3?

The San Antonio Spurs could have a top-three pick for the second year in a row.

The San Antonio Spurs have their sights set on the offseason and the upcoming draft after racking up their 50th loss on Thursday night against the Sacramento Kings.

Sports Illustrated's Draft Digest recently curated a mock draft just before the start of March Madness. With the No. 3 overall pick, the Spurs are slated to select Serbian point guard Nikola Topić.

spurs draft lottery victor wembanyama 43

Topić’s strengths are easily apparent: he is 6-6 and is one of the best players in the Adriatic League at age 18. He is strong enough to absorb contact in the paint and finish through physicality and can sink the free throws that he earns. His vision is unquestionably elite, but he is far from the perfect prospect.

Topić is not a terrible distance shooter, but there are concerns about whether or not he can improve his shot to the NBA level. He is physically gifted with a seven-foot wingspan, but his lateral quickness has been difficult to project against his Adriatic League competition. If his defense can translate to the NBA, more power to him, but if it can’t, then the Spurs will be left with an oversized point guard with solid vision and an ability to get to the rim, but with a shaky jump shot.

There could be a lot of movement in the order of prospects in the next three months, but Topić could very well be on San Antonio's radar if the Spurs hold a top-three pick.

The NBA Draft is set for June 25-26.