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NBA Trade Idea: Spurs Acquire Bulls' Zach LaVine?

If the San Antonio Spurs need a proven scoring guard, Zach LaVine could be hitting the trade market.

The San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls could become trade partners once again.

During the 2021 offseason, the Spurs sent DeMar DeRozan to the Bulls for a package that brought in a 2025 first-round draft pick. With the Bulls on the verge of a rebuild, getting DeRozan off the books for a pick seems like a genius move by Brian Wright.

This offseason, the Spurs could have the chance to strike gold with the Bulls again. Unlike 2021, this trade would see the Spurs send draft capital to Chicago.

Bleacher Report suggests a trade that would send Bulls guard Zach LaVine to the Spurs to team up with Victor Wembanyama.

LaVine is signed to a massive contract, he is owed $170 million through the 2026-27 season. If the Bulls decide to tear it all down, freeing up that money could be priority number one.

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

LaVine is a two-time All-Star and could be that scoring threat that the Spurs currently lack at the moment. While he struggled with injuries this season, LaVine is still capable of being a high-volume scorer in the NBA.

San Antonio has expressed interest in positionless basketball, but having a tried-and-true lead guard would not be a bad idea. LaVine has played point guard for the Bulls and excelled at it. Pairing an explosive athlete who can shoot with Jeremy Sochan and Victor Wembanyama would do wonders for their development, and a starting five of those three, Devin Vassell, and Zach Collins would help elevate the Spurs’ playoff chances long term.

LaVine would immediately boost the Spurs’ floor, and he would be a fixture of the offense for four seasons. That being said, the asking price is “massive.” Luckily, the Spurs have picks to spare.

A deal of three first-round picks (maybe returning Chicago’s 2025 selection?) and salary filler on shorter contracts should do the trick, but if LaVine returns to All-Star form, the Bulls could hold out for an even larger asking price. The Spurs would have to sacrifice some depth to get a deal done, but it may be worth getting Wembanyama a true scoring partner in his second season.