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Phoenix Suns Week in Review: Week 6

The down and up and back down week for the Phoenix Suns shows where the biggest flaws are and who the biggest band-aid has been.

The Phoenix Suns had a down then up then down again week which has led to more head-scratching than ever before. After a frustrating loss in Miami against the Heat, Phoenix responded by stopping the Golden State Warriors from finding their footing. The Suns then fell flat in Utah against the Jazz. 

There has been plenty to work on if you’re Phoenix and its effect on the upcoming week. Some problems have had necessary positive solutions as well.

Three Quick Takeaways From Week 6

Cameron Payne


The Suns currently have the fourth-worst turnover differential as a team through 15 games at -2.5. The turnover issue was accentuated on Friday against the Jazz with everyone but Duane Washington committing at least one turnover which led to 21 points being scored by Utah. 



Maybe what happened on Monday for Phoenix was… extreme. 22 fouls were called against the Suns versus the Heat’s 10 but it has been an undeniable issue throughout the year. Phoenix is ranked ninth so far this season in fouls per game at 21.8. Opponents going into next week include the fifth-place Jazz at 22.2, 18th placed Lakers at 20.6, and the 2nd-place Pistons at 23 respectively. 

Cameron Payne

He has looked better each game he has played so far and has been everything and more than what is expected when Chris Paul is out. He's been averaging 18/2/6 this past week with a season-high 29 points against the Warriors on Wednesday. 

With no Chris Paul at least to start this week as he recovers from a heel illness Payne seems like he is taking the moment to the max. You can read more about Payne here

The Knicks are in town this afternoon in Phoenix before the Lakers, Pistons, and Jazz all parade in throughout the holiday week. The Suns are currently in 4th place, a half-game behind the Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies.  

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