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Suns Reportedly Emerging as Strong Possibility for OG Anunoby

The Phoenix Suns are emerging as serious contenders for Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby according to NBA insider Shams Charania.

We're now less than ten days removed from the NBA trade deadline, and rumors only continue to circulate on the status of Phoenix Suns power forward Jae Crowder. 

A plethora of names, teams and potential trade packages have followed the Suns in their pursuit to offload Crowder since the beginning of the season. 

Yet the clock continues to tick on Phoenix and their desire to form a championship roster - NBA insider Shams Charania says the Suns could be in play for Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby:

"So the Raptors are taking calls on OG Anunoby. You look at the Knicks - they're willing to give up multiple first-round picks for Anunoby but another team that's emerged in the last week or so is the Phoenix Suns," said Charania. 

"They have the assets. Eight first-round draft picks at their disposal between now and 2030. They've got the picks, they've got players. They've got guys like Cam Johnson, you have expiring contracts like Dario Saric, Jae Crowder. Can you put together a package for OG Anunoby? Could you go get something for a Jae Crowder to kind of replenish your bench? I think those are the two pathways right now for the Suns."

Charania also dove into Phoenix's other potential avenues of trade which includes finding a future point guard replacement for Chris Paul:

"I think the point guard search probably looks more into the summer time because right now the need is more at the wing. They've got CP [Chris Paul], they've got Book [Devin Booker], they've got [Deandre] Ayton. I think with Devin Booker, the good news is they have treaded water for the most part," Charania said.

"They've won six-of-seven without Devin Booker, he's doing more and more, he's doing everything besides five-on-five. So the Suns do believe he's getting closer to making a return, and the way he's played, how good he's been, I do think he has the ability to take this team from what they are now - which is a fringe playoff team - to a contender." 

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The Suns have until Feb. 9 to find a trade for Crowder. The Milwaukee Bucks recently received permission to speak with him.