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Suns Urged to Trade Bradley Beal in Offseason

Bleacher Report says the Phoenix Suns should trade Bradley Beal in the offseason.

PHOENIX -- The Phoenix Suns haven't exactly thrived like many would hope as the regular season begins to draw to a close, and Bleacher Report believes they have a fix. 

In their recent article going through dream trade scenarios for the upcoming offseason, B/R's Greg Swartz suggested Phoenix deal Bradley Beal:

"The trade for Bradley Beal was a questionable one at the time given the 30-year-old's contract. Injuries have limited the veteran guard to just 37 games this season, only confirming that this trade was a mistake," wrote Swartz.

"Devin Booker will begin a supermax extension next season and will still make less money than Beal over the next three years ($159.9 million to Beal's $160.9 million).

"With Kevin Durant also making over $50 million per season, Beal has become a vastly overpaid third option, with Phoenix actually improving by 2.6 points per 100 possessions with him on the bench.

"If the Suns can find a trade that makes sense for everyone (Beal still has a no-trade clause), they should do it. Even getting some quality role players back (point guard, defensive-minded wing) to put around Booker and Durant and getting off Beal's enormous contract would be worth it.

"If stars such as Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young aren't traded, there may be a market for Beal."

Beal reportedly has a no-trade clause in his contract, so the Suns would have to get the green light from the player himself before constructing a move. 

The former Wizards guard has struggled with health issues this season, though he's also flashed the former 30 point per game scorer he was in Washington when on the court next to his co-stars.

The Suns are currently 39-29 with the No. 8 seed in their possession.