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Consistency and Production Make Keegan Murray an Ideal Prospect

Iowa's Keegan Murray is one of the most complete, NBA-ready players in the draft.

There are many talented players at the top end of the 2022 NBA Draft, but some are flying under the radar. With all of the attention on the top three prospects and where they will land, there could be some serious steals outside the top five.

One of those potential steals is Iowa’s Keegan Murray. Murray is a player that could fit in on any NBA roster and instantly make them a better team. He’s an incredibly efficient scorer and rebounder with great size at 6-foot-8.

This past season, Murray averaged 23.5 points and 8.7 rebounds per night. He did so while shooting 55.4% from the floor and 39.8% from 3-point range.

The main, and really only, concern about Murray is his age. The forward will turn 22 in August after just two seasons at Iowa. He was a late bloomer in high school, spending one post-graduate year at DME Sports Academy.

While people view Murray as a sure-fire prospect with a high floor, the firepower in his game is very underrated. He’s thought of as a steady hand that won’t blow you away with athleticism, but there’s plenty of tape suggesting he’s more than a good enough athlete.

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In the state of the current NBA, forwards are a coveted position, and Murray can provide consistency and scoring. He’s also a better shot creator than he gets credit for, displaying step back 3-pointers and a smooth midrange all year long. His long strides help him create enough room to get a shot off and stop on a dime.

Murray seems to be flying under the radar right now, while he should probably be viewed as one of the elite prospects in this class. Along with his impressive offensive arsenal, he’s a solid off-ball defender and has great instincts when trying to block shots.

While it doesn’t seem like he’ll be in play for Oklahoma City at No. 2, there’s a chance the Thunder try to trade back into the top ten with a package including No. 12. If Sam Presti finds his way back in with Murray still on the board, he could be the perfect fit next to whichever big man selected second.

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