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NBA Draft Board: Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren

Ahead of the 2022 NBA Draft, we’re breaking down 15 of the best prospects in the class.

In the 2022 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder own two selections in the lottery. One of the prospects who could fall in that range is Chet Holmgren who most recently played at Gonzaga.


Players like Holmgren don’t come around often, putting him in a great position to be taken in the top two selections. A legitimate 7-footer that can space the floor and dominate defensively, he’s got the tools to impact winning at a high level.


An elite rim protector, Holmgren was among the best in the country last season blocking shots at Gonzaga. Not only can he alter shots in the paint, but he has the lateral quickness to also make a defensive impact away from the rim.

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In the modern NBA, most centers are expected to be able to knock down perimeter shots. Holmgren fits that mold as a shooter and has also proven to be able to handle the ball more than most bigs.


It’s Holmgren’s frame that might keep him from going No. 1 overall in this draft. If he wasn’t so slender, he might be a clear favorite as the top player in the class.

With how physical the NBA is, many expect Holmgren to struggle a bit early in his career. While he’s got the length and skills to be elite, he’ll likely need to get stronger to truly reach his ceiling.

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