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NBA Mock Trade: Thunder Acquire Fourth Overall Pick in 2021 Draft

Oklahoma City has assembled the assets to draft wherever they choose in the 2021 NBA Draft. takes a look at what it will look like for the Thunder to land the fourth overall pick.

The 2021 NBA Draft is fast approaching.

With a loaded war chest of assets, the Oklahoma City Thunder will be looking to make a splash.

With 18 first round draft picks in the next 7 drafts, the Thunder will have the flexibility to move up in the draft. The only question is what that move will cost.

Here are SI Thunder’s thoughts on what it will take to trade up to the fourth overall pick:

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Nick Crain: With the No. 4 pick the Toronto Raptors have a ton of power. While Jalen Suggs will be the likely selection there, they’ll get the remaining of him, Jalen Green, or Evan Mobley depending on what the teams above them do. Either way, moving up two spots could still come with a high price, as there could be a significant talent drop from four to six. If Oklahoma City did want to jump up and trade for Toronto’s pick, it could take the sixth pick, one of the Thunder’s 2021 picks just outside the lottery and one or two future first round picks.

Ryan Chapman: It’s hard to imagine the Toronto Raptors having much interest in taking on Kemba Walker. His contract paired with the deal they just handed out to Fred VanVleet doesn’t make much sense, so this trade package will likely need to be centered around draft compensation and maybe a player with some potential who is still on their rookie scale deal like Darius Bazley. OKC’s willingness to move Bazley would likely anchor on the guy they’d be moving up to draft, however, so perhaps even that would be off the table.

Derek Parker: Jumping from the sixth overall pick to the fourth is where the price goes up significantly. Despite the fact its a five to six-man draft, there's four highly sought-after prospects. Even more than that, the Raptors have need for Jalen Suggs with the eventual departure of star guard Kyle Lowry. Moving up would likely require more than just picks with the Raptors current roster configuration. The sixth pick, one or two picks in the current draft and one up and coming prospect would more than likely get it done. Anything more, and OKC likely hangs up.

Oklahoma City’s Offer: No. 6 pick, Darius Bazley OR No. 6 pick, No. 16 pick, 2023 Miami Heat first round pick, Washington Wizards 2023 second round pick