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OKC Thunder: Best 2023 Draft Prospect Fits

Oklahoma City will be adding one more elite talent to the roster next summer.
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Despite having multiple selections in each of the past two drafts, the Oklahoma City Thunder will only have their own pick as of now in the 2023 NBA Draft.

It’s unlikely Oklahoma City makes the play-in tournament given the team is rebuilding and the Western Conference is loaded, so the Thunder should end up with a top-ten pick.

The upcoming draft is just under a year away, meaning it’s difficult to project who will be in that range. With that in mind, there’s several prospects that could fit what the Thunder are building as of today.

While OKC should opt to draft best available rather than for fit or position, there’s still a component of team building that is important.

Given what we know today, who are some of the prospects that would be a great fit in Oklahoma City from the 2023 class?

1. Matthew Cleveland (Forward | Florida State)

Every year, there's a sophomore that rises on boards with an increased role. Cleveland should be one of those prospects that thrives in year two of college play. The Thunder still need forward depth and Cleveland could slot right in. 

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2. Amen Thompson (F | Overtime Elite)

With effortless bounce and elite athleticism, Thompson would bring elements to the game that the Thunder lack. Additionally, if he can improve his shot he could become extremely difficult to defend at the NBA level. Thompson has the talent to start from day one on a rebuilding team.

3. Ausar Thompson (F | Overtime Elite)

The twin brother of Amen, this Thompson twin is more of a defensive oriented wing. While he's not quite the offensive talent of Amen, Ausar might have the higher ceiling. He could be the wing of the future in OKC. 

4. Victor Wembanyama (C | International)

Every team would love to have a prospect like Wembanyama, but only one team will have a shot at him. A generational prospect, he's shaping up to be a no-brainer with the top pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. He'd create an elite frontcourt in Oklahoma City alongside Chet Holmgren. 

5. Dereck Lively (C | Duke)

Again, Holmgren is a potential generational talent as a big already on the Thunder roster. However, Lively brings more positional strength and might be the perfect fit alongside him. Assuming Lively turns out to be the prospect many think he could be, he could be a game changer on both ends. 

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