A Note to Oklahoma City Thunder Fans

Erik Gee

Two weeks ago, while making my daily commute to Tulsa, my boss informed me that for at least 14 days, I would be doing my show from home. His decision was a precautionary measure because just hours before, I was at ground zero for what became the total shut down of sports.  

Little did we know on March 11th, we were witnessing not just the postponement of the NBA season, the cancellation of the NCAA tournament, and high school sports coming to a close we were in the middle of the world stopping on a dime. 

You're being affected right now; hopefully, you're not one of the over 3,000,000 who is having to file for unemployment, but if you are, know that I am praying for you. Also, remember that not just me but, every person in the sports world wants to give you hope right now.

 And if we can't give you hope, at least we can let you know we're in the same boat. Take our man Darius Bazley, who posted a picture on Instagram looking as irritated as I do when the alarm goes off early on Saturday.    

Bazley, like every other NBA player, wants to get back to work, not just for their sanity, but for yours as well. They understand how much you need them.

That's why if Mark Cuban is right and the CDC believes that June 1st is the over/under on when COVID-19 will level off, you could see a push from owners and players to get back to work without fans in areas. The world is more significant than basketball, but right now, we could all use a lift.

Good News:

Yesterday Karl Anthony-Towns posted a video where he spoke about his mother's fight with COVID-19. Since then, news broke that Anthony-Towns father was also diagnosed with coronavirus. 

Anthony-Towns father was said to be in the hospital for multiple days but is recovering well. Also, Christian Wood's (Piston's power forward) agent says Wood is fully recovering from his bout with COVID-19.