Adam Silver says May 1st Will Be the Earliest we Know About the Rest of the Season

Erik Gee

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the league will not have a real answer on if it can resume play till at least May 1st. Silver also says that he doesn't have a better understanding of where things are now as opposed to when the association shut down on March 11th. 

As time goes on, the chances of the NBA returning to finish the season are more in doubt. Silver told Ernie Jhoson that there had not been decisions made on if there would be regular-season games played were the season to resume. 

Silver says, "in an ideal world," the NBA would play out the rest of the season before heading into the playoffs. Silver also says there comes the point of no return when trying to restart the season starts affecting next year. 

The health of the league's employees remains the number one concern for the NBA.  When medical experts say all is safe, then we will be able to watch the Thunder play again. 

Silver realizes how much we are all missing live sports right now, and understands they can bind us as a community. But, what is keeping him up at night, is the 55,000 jobs the league creates, including game-day workers who are going without paychecks while the league is on hiatus. 

If you're hoping to see Chris Paul, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Dennis Schroder back on the floor, keep in mind the news changes daily.  Right now, no one can predict with any accuracy when we able to cheer our favorite players. 

In the meantime, there is League pass, Hardwood Classics, and a possible H-O-R-S-E contest to give us our basketball fix. 

Teams Have Guidelines For The Pre-Draft Process: 

Teams may meet with prospective draft picks virtually. Interviews can not happen in person and teams can not request or watch live video. There is a four-hour time limit during virtual meetings, and teams can only meet two hours a week with any prospective player.