Anthony Morrow Says Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are Like Brothers

Erik Gee

According to former Thunder guard, Anthony Morrow Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook weren't the best of friends during their time in Oklahoma City. Morrow says they were like brothers. 

Which would explain the deep-rooted anger both were feeling when Durant left for Golden State. Durant felt that that most of his teammates on the Thunder should want him to be happy; after all, they did just spend eight years growing up together in the NBA.

Westbrook, on the other hand, took a page out of Michale Corleone's book. "I love you."..."But don't ever take sides with anyone against the family again."..."Ever." 

In a recent interview with the Oklahoman Morrow says Westbrook used Durant's departure to feed off of emotionally. "Russ is like looking for fuel, so when (Durant) first left, I would see clips of his workouts." 

"I'm looking at his body, I see him playing pickup in L.A., and I'm like, 'He's locked in.' He's gonna come back like a robot or something, and he did."... "We were watching him at times. It was that amazing how he was playing. But he had a chip on his shoulder." 

Supposedly in time, all wounds will heal, but that depends on how long you want to hold a grudge. Morrow points out that Westbrook and Durant were cordial during the All-Star game, but you have to believe that Westbrook will always see Durant as a "cupcake" that quit on Thunder and took the easy way to a ring.  

But, if Morrow's correct, there is going to be a fantastic night at the Peake when Durant's jersey is hung next to Nick Collison's. "When you look up one day, Russ is going to be speaking, and they're going to be retiring Kevin's jersey."... "One day."

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Erik Gee
Erik Gee


Totally agree. I get this feeling KD plays a season in OKC before he calls it quits.


bet it is after russell westbrooks