Chris Paul Needs to Hoop

Erik Gee

Chirs Paul needs to hoop! That's what he is telling his wife as they are in quartine with their family. Paul is watching games and working out with his significant other in hopes the NBA season will return. 

Paul says the players want to play and are hoping to get in as many regular-season games as possible vs. jumping right into the playoffs. However, it will take time for them to get back in shape. 

Monday on NBATV's Game Time, Paul said the player's association would have a conversation with Adam Silver about when an appropriate time would be to get the season back underway. Paul also said that it's not Silver's decision to make alone when games are ready to be played.  

When recounting what happened on March 11th the night, the Thunder were supposed to host the Jazz at the Peake. Paul was having a conversation on the floor with Joe Ingles before both teams were told to go back to the locker room. 

 Paul made a call to Michelle Robers (Executive Director of the NBPA), and that's when he was informed about Rudy Gobert's diagnoses.  Right now, Paul is just like you. 

 The Thunder point guard is spending a lot of time with his wife and kids. He's helping with homework, making Tik Tok videos with his son,  coloring with his daughter, washing clothes, and cooking breakfast. "It's a lot different than just throwing passes to Steven Adams."    

This is the first time in his 15 year career that he has lived in a different city from his family. "As unfortunate as this situation is, it's been amazing to spend this much time with my kids." 

Paul was asked if Billy Donovan had a conversation with him before the season about his minutes and needing him in clutch time. Paul says that Donovan has been unbelievable from day one. 

 Paul did think at the beginning of the year, he wasn't getting enough minutes, but he also feels like he had to prove himself. Paul is extremely confident in his team. 

He says down the stretch the Thunder has a "swag about us," and we just feel like we are going to win.  That 25-5 record in clutch time since November 25th (best in the NBA during that time) proves Paul's point.