Chris Paul Opens up About the Business of the NBA.

Erik Gee

Thunder guard Chris Paul appeared on the latest episode of Kevin Heart's YouTube series Cold as Balls. Heart asked Paul if trades in the NBA are business, or are they becoming personal? Paul's response, " Every situation is different. But a team is going to do whatever they want to do. They will tell you one thing, and smooth do another." Paul also says that Daryal Morey didn't owe him anything, but his trade to Oklahoma City as an example of an organization of being less than honest with action and words.

Further complicating matters is a report that after the Rockets second-round loss to The Warriors, Paul gave Morey an ultimatum that he either trade James Harden or himself. Paul denies he made such a demand. Still, there is evidence of broken relationships with former teammates in Los Angles, and his reputation as one of the most competitive players in the NBA could make him difficult to get along with for more seasoned players. 

For all these reasons, Paul's tenure in Oklahoma City becomes must-watch TV. Right now, Paul is a model citizen. In every media scrum, he takes the blame for what is wrong with the Thunder, compliments his teammates, and never calls anyone out. After a few more third-quarter lapses, and continually coming up short in close games, we could see the side of Paul we've been hearing about for years. At present, the 15 points, 5.5 assists per game, are welcome in Oklahoma City.

We now know why Terrance Ferguson was not with the Thunder in Indianapolis. According to Maddie Lee and Joe Mussatto of the Oklahoman.  Ferguson was at a custody hearing with his ex-fiancee Lawren Jensen. Jensen is filing an emergency order for sole custody of the couple's daughter. The judge has ruled in Ferguson's favor. A couple of weeks ago, Ferguson posted a cryptic but personal message on his Instagram account saying, "The devil is working his ass off in my life. Y'all, please pray for me and my daughter. She's my everything"  ESPN is listing Ferguson as day-to-day.


Center Justin Patton is being recalled from the Oklahoma City Blue.

In two games (both starts), Patton averaged 6.0 points, 6.0 rebounds, 4.5 assists, 4.50 blocks, and 1.50 steals in 23.4 minutes per game.

Patton has logged six minutes of action in one game this season for the Thunder.