Danilo Gallinari Funding 400 COVID-19 Test Kits for Oklahoma City-County

Erik Gee

Danilo Gallinari is doing his part to help out during the COVID-19 crisis. Gallinari is funding 400 COVID-19 testing kits, face shields, gloves, gowns, and masks for the Oklahoma City-County Health Department. 

Royce Young of ESPN was the first to report on Gallinari's donation. In Oklahoma, there have been 322 people diagnosed with coronavirus.   

Gallinari spoke to Oklahoma City Media before COVID-19 shut down our world.  "It's a tough situation; hopefully, we'll be able to manage it and manage it right."

"All the hospitals and all the health care institutions are doing a great job right now managing the virus." Gallinari's best friend's grandmother died from COVID-19, and his mom and uncles have not been able to leave their house in weeks.

"Life has changed when you can not get out of the house; you can not have any contact with anybody."..."You can only get out of the house when you have to, for example, going to the grocery store."..."Then not have any contact with anybody; my mom and her brothers are not able to see my grandparents because of their age, they could be the most affected."

The coronavirus has ravaged Gallinari's home country of Italy. Just today, Italy is reporting 919 deaths, which bring its toll to over 9,000. 

Gallinari is active on social media warning people about the dangers of COVID-19 posting video and Instagram photos. Celtics head coach Brad Stevens says former Oklahoma State Guard Marcus Smart is in good spirits despite his coronavirus diagnoses. 

ESPN's Dorris Burke has also tested positive for COVID-19 on his latest podcast she talks with Adrian Wojnarowski about the importance of social distancing.