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Forwards on the Market Provide Thunder With Chance to Add Depth

OKC may look to sell again this season when it comes to trades, but if they do decide to seek help adding a key forward on the bench could pay off.

Oklahoma City is priming for another run at a potential top-5 draft pick this season, but in the midst the team could still make moves to set them up for more success in the future.

The Thunder’s forwards are deep in terms of bodies, but may be missing a true small forward that could pay dividends down the stretch.

With a starting lineup of three guards could shop for a talented small forward to play off the bench and possibly fill in as a starter when needed for a better matchup.

There are multiple possibilities for a forward to look at for OKC. Some with lower price tags, which would help OKC keep its draft stockpile high, and some with steeper prices. They also have a wide array of skill sets despite playing the same position, and the choice truly comes down to what aspect of the game OKC needs when they make the calls.

Doug McDermott

McDermott is a talented 3-point threat who shot better than 40% from deep last season. The 30-year-old doesn’t bring many other tangibles to the table outside of his 3-point production, and he’s not the best defensive player or the most athletic in terms of playmaking. However, OKC was the worst 3-point shooting team last season and could use the help. Plus his price tag should be fairly affordable.

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Terrence Ross

Ross also could be a valiant bench pick up for the Thunder. While he leans more to the frame of a two guard, he can stretch the floor and play the three off of the bench if needed. He’s on an expiring contract worth $11.5 million, but his price could be low enough for OKC to grab.

Evan Fournier

While Fournier was disappointing for the Knicks last season being a liability on defense, his price tag may be too high for OKC, and his contract would hurt OKC in the long haul.


A team with plenty of possible names at the forward position is the Wizards, they are home to Kyle Kuzma, Corey Kispert and Deni Avidija. He and Kispert are both young and talented, however likely not a priority for the Wizards to get rid of them. Kuzma is a current key piece for them but is 27-years old, making him a more likely candidate for a deal if they choose to sell.

OKC may not be in full buy mode this season and has shown no signs of being willing to deal out their stockpile of draft picks in order to bring older pieces, but if they were to look for some help off of the bench forward would be a path to take with plenty out there for a range of prices. 

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