How Big Can Chris Paul's Impact be on the NBA

Erik Gee

Though all the jubilation of the Thunder's unexpected 36-22 record, one must take a step back to see something truly extraordinary, the development of Chris Paul as the NBA next great leader. 

Today on the Pat Jones show on 97.1 The Sports Animal in Tulsa, Coach Jones and I began discussing what the future might hold for Paul. You can hear the audio from that conversation in the video above. To be transparent, I did over exaggerate on how many players from Team CP3 are currently in the association.

However, according to the Team CP3 website, current Knick Reggie Bullock and Hornet P.J. Hariston both came through Paul's AAU organization along with several college and European players as well. Regardless of how many players he's putting in the NBA, it's clear Paul has an eye for talent. 

Paul is also a natural-born leader; he's been able to get a group of players who face uncertain futures to put any hangups they have behind them to compete. We can argue about his time as President of the Players Association. And whether the over 38  rule is a good thing, but the fact that his peers thought enough of him to put Paul in that position says they trust his ability to negotiate.  

If Clay Bennett isn't already talking with Paul about his future and if he would be interested in running the Thunder, he should be. This is not a knock on Sam Presti; it's just saying that when you have a talent like Paul in the building, you do everything you can to make sure he knows there is always a place for him in Oklahoma City. 

Paul is one of the first players greeted by the opposing team after the game; his influence runs deep if you want to make the Thunder attractive to future free agents, he'd be a heck of face for your organization.  He's already leaving a positive mark the Thunder why not let him do the same after his playing days are over?

 What do you think?

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