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Jay Williams Suggestion of Playing Games on Cruise Ships, not That Crazy

We'll tell you why finishing the season on cruise ships isn't the craziest idea.
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Jay Williams is not crazy. His idea of taking the NBA to cruise ships to finish the season is just foolish enough to work. 

Full disclosure, there is nothing I love more than someone who thinks not just outside the box but who is willing to put the box in the recycle bin. That's what Williams did when he suggested (on ESPN radio) you have eastern and western conference cruise ships that would house players, their families, a court, and work out facilities. 

While it would be easy to pan Williams's idea, players who don't want to leave their families behind to go to Las Vegas or Hawaii might be willing to sign off on this plan. And if everything is really on the table, then the players union and Adam Silver should be prepared to get with Royal Caribbean and at least put something on the dry erase board. 

Williams points out that max players don't have to go back to work if they don't want to. Lebon James is saying he doesn't know if he is comfortable being without his family while  COVID-19 cases continue to grow. 

If James is willing to vocalize his concern, then you can bet several other players agree with him, which could make it difficult for the union and league to iron something out. Chris Paul says he needs to hoop and has been watching clips and working out with his wife in hopes that the season will get back underway. 

Ultimately Silver and the association are being trusted with people's lives, and from what we've seen so far, that is not something they take lightly. 

Fans First:

The NBA wants you to be entertained even if there aren't games being played. Starting Friday, ESPN and ESPN 2 will air a 2k tournament featuring Kevin Durant, Trae Young,  Donovan Mitchell, and Devin Booker.

Players will go head to head in hopes of advancing to the finals, where the winner will get $100,000 to donate to COVID-19 relief.