Jazz Out of Quarantine

Erik Gee

Utah Jazz players just walked out of the Peake a few minutes ago. But where will they go from here? 

I was told by a Jazz beat write that the team has a hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. Royce Young is reporting that there are arrangements for the Jazz to charter bus back to Utah, also there were steps being taken so the Jazz could spend the night at the Peake. 

The Athletic says the Gobert has been in contact with people who recently traveled to France, however, there is no determination on how he contracted the virus. 

The Thunder security team, which consists mostly of local police officers, was quarantined for a time but was allowed to go home. Members of the media have been allowed to come and go, although a few of us waited on the Jazz to be released before security told us we had to clear the Peake around 1:15 local time.

After Wednesday, there are seven home games left on the Thunder's schedule. There is no word from the Thunder or the NBA on refunds for canceled games.

In the hallways of the Peake, I ran into Sam Presti; it was understandable that he didn't want to discuss the current situation. I did ask if the Thunder were still in the building, and that's when I was told by Royce Young they had left.  

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