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Mock Trade: Thunder Expedite Rebuild with Collin Sexton

Although it’s a complex situation, should the Thunder be inquiring about Collin Sexton?

As the Feb. 10 trade deadline approaches, one name to monitor will be guard Collin Sexton of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sexton has fairly limited trade value due to a torn meniscus that ended his 2021-22 campaign as he was in the final year of his contract.

In 11 games this season before getting hurt, Sexton averaged 16.0 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.1 assists per contest. The season prior, he produced 24.3 points, 4.4 assists and 2.1 rebounds in 60 games.

Thunder GM Sam Presti acquiring the 23-year-old would be an interesting move, but would be one that expedites the rebuild.

While Sexton doesn’t do much outside of score, he does that at a high level. Just 6-foot-1, he’s shown the ability to produce a ton of points. Last season, he notched seven games of 30+ points.

Oklahoma City already has a ton of guards, but could try to buy low on Sexton. Since he’s out for the season, he’s also a guy that wouldn’t hurt the Thunder’s lottery odds this season by impacting winning.

Cleveland certainly won’t give Sexton away without being offered a solid deal, but to this point neither side has been able to agree upon a new contract. He’s set to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season.

What would it take for the Thunder to acquire Sexton, and would he even be a player they would consider?

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This makes things extremely tricky as Sexton isn’t necessarily a player OKC needs. The current roster has a ton of guard depth. Additionally, Lu Dort is due for an extension in the near future as well.

Does it make sense to shell out money for Dort and Sexton on top of the max deal that Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was just given? Probably not.

However, if the Thunder front office gets the opportunity to acquire the young guard for cheap and agree upon a reasonable new contract, perhaps it would be something they’d explore. Again, any team that trades for Sexton would have to give up assets and give him a payday.

The Thunder could offer a package that includes a perimeter shooter in Ty Jerome and young forward in Darius Bazley. This would give the Cavs two players that could help now, while OKC would also avoid having to pay Bazley, allocating that capital to Sexton instead.

It’s not the deal that the Cleveland front office envisioned for Sexton several months ago, but given the circumstances that may be as good as it gets at this point.

Oklahoma City’s offer: Ty Jerome and Darius Bazley for Collin Sexton

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