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NBA Free Agency: Thunder Positional Needs

After adding five players to their roster in the past few days, their positional needs ahead of free agency are becoming even more clear.

In the past few days, the Oklahoma City Thunder added four players through the draft and traded for another in Derrick Favors. With that in mind, their roster for the 2021-22 season is starting to take shape with a few glaring needs.

The most clear need of any is the center position. While the signing of Derrick Favors on Friday is a step in the right direction, he's certainly not their long-term plan down low. Additionally, while the Thunder like playing positionless, every team needs traditional center depth for situational matchups.

Free Agency: Players Thunder Should Target

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From there, OKC still lacks an elite-level wing. They added Jeremiah Earl-Robinson in the draft and have players like Isaiah Roby and Darius Bazley still under contract, but lack a championship-caliber forward. Aleksej Pokusevski seems to be on his way to being that guy, but is still to raw as a player to be certain.

With that in mind, Thunder rookie Josh Giddey is big enough at 6-foot-9 to play the small forward position as needed.

In terms of guards, Oklahoma City is absolutely stacked. Outside of a rising star like Lonzo Ball who is a restricted free agent, they shouldn't really consider signing any guards in free agency.

In short, the Thunder's top priority should be getting a young center followed by wing depth. They also have the flexibility to sign a player they think they can flip for assets down the road.