NBA Looking at Rapid Results Test

Erik Gee

The NBA isn't going down without a fight. The league and players association are looking into multiple, multiple blood testing devices that could give COVID-19 results in a matter of minutes.     

The ability to get quick results is essential in helping the NBA get back to work. With a prick of the finger, a simple blood test could yield results in as little as 15 minutes. 

Abbott Laboratories is shipping the FDA approved test across the United States. The NBA is stressing that this process is still in the exploratory phase, but because advances in medicine are moving at a rapid pace, there is hope breakthrough could come sooner rather than later. 

In an interview with ESPN, one GM says, "Rapid-testing results are key to return to work, return to sports, everything."..." Whatever job you have and the environment you work in, if you're interacting with people, we're all going to have to feel safe doing that. Sports aren't any different." 

Adam Silver says it will be at least May 1st before the NBA knows if they can play the rest of the season. Also, the timing of when a rapid test would available is unclear. 

NBA Coaches Are Preparing for the Playoffs:

Despite the NBA season being up in the air at best, Raptors coach Nick Nurse is preparing to defend Toronto's World Title. "We're ready for whatever is thrown at us." 

"I don't think it really matters."..."What matters is that we attack the title in whatever format it's going to be presented in, and we go for it."

The league is discussing any number of scenarios that would allow them to crown a champion. Everything from shortened series to a single-elimination tournament is on the table. 

Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer says he is using the hiatus to breakdown the Nets and Magic Milwaukee's potential first-round opponents. Here's hoping Billy Donovan and his staff are spending a lot of time looking at the Jazz.