Steven Adams "It's a Safe Environment "

Erik Gee

Thunder center Steven Adams says the NBA is creating a safe environment for players inside the Orlando bubble. Thursday, during a conference call, I asked Adams if he thought about sitting out the rest of the season. 

"Yes and no, and it was because of the amount of effort and just like how well they packaged the whole Orlando thing."...."They're taking all the right precautions; they're going through al the figures, it's a safe environment they've created." 

Adams spent part of his time in New Zeland, where on June 23rd, there were only 10 active cases of coronavirus.  The NBA announced on Thursday that nine more players had tested positive bringing the leagues' total to 25 players who have contracted COIVD-19 in the last two weeks. 

So far, out of the 351 people who have been tested since June 23rd, no Thunder players or staff come up positive. Adams left Oklahoma back in march and says in his home country there were strict rules on corona life. 

"You had to self-quarantine for two weeks."..."There was a few hiccups here and there, but for the most part, New Zealanders are generally quite compliant  with just rules."

"Collectively all the Kiwis' did a really really good job, and that's what kind of shut it down," Adams admits that because of New Zeland's small population and borders being easier to control,  it made the virus more manageable. 

Adams arrived back in Oklahoma City "a little while ago," but he won't get much time to get settled. He and the Thunder leave for Orlando on July 8th. 

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