Oklahoma City Thunder To Face the Denver Nuggets and Los Angles Clippers When Season Resumes

Erik Gee

When the Oklahoma City Thunder season resumes, their schedule could have the Nuggets twice, with Clippers and Suns before starting the playoffs.  According to reports, the NBA plans to have teams play the next eight games on their schedule. 

If an opponent is not invited to Orlando, the Thunder would then move to the next game in order of sequence.  As it stands now, Oklahoma City will face, The Jazz, Wizards, Grizzlies, Heat, Phoenix, along with Denver and Los Angeles. 

Friday morning at 11:30 central time, the board of governors is expected to approve a format that will have 13 teams from the west and nine from the east competing for a shot at the NBA championship. All 16 organizations that are currently in the playoffs will be joined by Phoenix, New Orleans, San Antonio, Sacramento, and Washington. 

The eighth and ninth seeds in each conference will compete in a play-in tournament only if the ninth seed is within four games of the last playoff spot.  The Thunder will begin training in Oklahoma City next month, before moving on to Florida. 

Players will be checked daily for COVID-19; if a player is positive, they will be put into quarantine while the season continues. At a glance, the Thunder's schedule is more than manageable. 

The Suns, Wizards, and Grizzlies are below .500. Plus, The Nuggets have the Spurs, Lakers, and Clippers before getting Oklahoma City, not to mention a date with Raptors on the other side of that matchup with the Thunder.  

 ESPN's Ramona Shelburne is reporting that players and coaches will be allowed to play golf and eat at outdoor restaurants while social distancing. If the season can begin on July 31st, the last possible game of the Finals could be on October 12th, with the draft and free agency to follow. 

We're a few hours away from all the details, but the main thing is the Thunder are back, and we get to see this team as-is for at least a few more games.