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Potential Center Trade Options for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City needs help in the paint and two starting caliber centers could be on the trade block.

Oklahoma City has the means to make moves during the season to advance the rebuild.

OKC holds plenty of draft capital and players to make a deal happen from training camp to the trade deadline.

The Thunder needs a true center, for both immediate help and help in the future. While OKC will have Chet Holmgren for future seasons, any help at center would help the team in the long haul.

Trading for a true center not only gives the Thunder a better chance to compete but allows players like Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to get playing time at a position that better suits the skillset they have.

Myles Turner

Turner is what seems like a perennial trade block candidate for the Pacers, and this year seems to be the same. The Pacers are entering a rebuild and the 26-year old center could help acquire draft stock the team needs to grab young talent.

He would fit well in OKC with his athletic ability and finishing ability in the paint. He’s a talented shot blocker who can defend the rim, a need for OKC at the position.

Turner averaged 12.9 points per game in nearly 51% shooting last season including 33% from 3-point range. He also averaged 7.1 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game.

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While Turner would be an intriguing pick up for OKC the Thunder, based on previous seasons, could view his price as too steep — in all likelihood the Pacers will want at least a first round pick and solid player.

Richaun Holmes

A second option falls in as a starting caliber center who lost his starting job on his current team. Richaun Holmes is 6-foot-10 and 235 pounds, providing a good frame for a center in the OKC lineup.

Holmes fell out of a starting role after the Kings traded for Domantas Sabonis. The 28-year-old averaged 10.4 points and seven rebounds per game last season. Holmes isn’t the same level of rim protector as Turner but his size would still provide needed help for OKC.

His contract is team friendly and his price is likely much lower than Turner’s as a less sought after player.

Holmes is entering his eighth NBA season, after playing with Philadelphia, Phoenix and the Kings over his career, and also provides more veteran mentorship on the young Thunder squad.

Many around the league can see the Thunder continuing the trend of selling in trades over the course of this season, but if the team does decide to seek out help in the paint Turner and Holmes are two names to monitor in the trade market. 

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