Terrance Ferguson Blisters Bulls

Erik Gee

Now that you've recovered from the Thunder's 124-122 nail-biting win over the Bulls take time to breathe and celebrate the best thing we saw on Tuesday night.  Terrance Ferguson's offensive outburst.

Ferguson's 11 points all came in the second quarter while he was going three of four from beyond the arc. Since coming back to the Thunder, Ferusgon is struggling to give the Oklahoma City anything on the offensive end.  In the seven games before Tuesday night, Ferguson had scored just 4 points. 

He's only hit double digits in six games this season. Ferguson is a spotty shooter at best, and when your main job can be guarding the best player on the floor, you're not going to have a ton of energy left to score. 

For Ferguson, just being able to contribute is a victory. After taking a leave of absence, he's lost his starting job to a two-way player (Lou Dort), he's dealt with a custody battle for his daughter, and not once has he complained publicly.  

Ferguson exemplifies the class and character that define the Thunder for 2019-2020.     

In Michael Shapiro's latest power ranking for Sports Illustrated, the Thunder come in at number 11.  Sandwiched in between the Mavericks and 76ers, Oklahoma City continues to defy the odds. The Thunder are percentage points ahead of the Jazz for the fifth seed in the western conference, which means if the season ended today, they would play Houston in the first round. 

So, as you get ready for work this morning, let your mind go to seven-game series between the Rockets and Oklahoma City. It's a homer call, but give me the Thunder in seven! Not only will I  take Chirs Paul and his 133 clutch points to carry the Thunder to a first-round win. I also take the Thunder's recent road success to get reckless on this pick. By the way, Houston is 21-8 at home. But, no one thought the Thunder would be 14 games over .500 at any point this season, so what the heck. 

Thunder/Kings tonight at 7 on Fox Sports Oklahoma.