Video: Do Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Want a Rebrand

Erik Gee

I've never had a conversation with Thunder fans about the current shield logo. Former co-workers have ripped the way the shield looks "dull", "or straight out of fifth-grade coloring book," but, I've always had a soft spot for the shield. 

Mainly because of those three letters OKC.  Spending most of my life in the state of Oklahoma, there is immense pride in seeing OKC emblazoned on an NBA logo. 

However, according to The Athletic's survey of Thunder fans, it's almost split 50/50 on if the organization should do a rebrand. 51.7 percent of you would like to see a logo change while 48.3 are happy with the shield.  

The Thunder are only 12 years into their existence, and it takes time to build tradition.  At some point, there will be tweaks to the colors and branding, heck; you've probably lost count of all the uniforms the team has had by now, and don't those new City Editions look sharp? 

When a franchise goes through a significant rebrand, it's usually for two reasons, a new owner wants to put his stamp on things, or the team is a mess, and they are looking for any reason for a fan base to be excited. The Thunder are in neither of those positions, and it would be a shame to start tinkering with things that aren't broke.  

On nights when we gather at the Peake, there is no shortage of gear being worn by fans, and there are plenty of t-shirts and hats with the shield proudly displayed. Not to discount the survey, but it would seem if the logo were an eyesore, more people would protest by finding other ways to show their pride. 

What Do You Think? 

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Erik Gee
Erik Gee


100 percent agree. I would have like to have seen what people came up with on their own when it was announced that Oklahoma City Was getting a team. Also, how did you feel about the name Barrons?


no , look we have a short but great history as the okc thunder and the logo is fine with me.