Video: Oklahoma City Thunder Owner Clay Bennett Wants all 30 Teams in Orlando

Erik Gee

Clay Bennett wants the NBA to present a united front. At the end of last week's board of governors' call, Bennett was pleading to have all 30 teams in Orlando once the season resumes. 

Bennett is worried that small-market teams that do not have the chance to play competitive basketball for nine months could suffer from a lack of player development. He is also concerned that fans in those markets could lose interest resulting in poor ticket sales and an absence of sponsorship revenue. 

According to ESPN, one solution for teams that won't be coming to the Dinsey Wide World of Sports Complex is to have a mandatory Summer training camp.  This idea would allow teams to stay in their home cities, lessening the possibility of another shutdown due to COVID-19. 

Plus, veteran players who would prefer not to attend camp because they can train on their own, can let the owners and union squabble about pay without holding up the rest of the league. 

The NBA is facing an extended period without fans in arenas when next season starts. 40 percent of the association's revenue comes from gate receipts for the league to press forward; it will take compromise from both sides. 

Thunder Release Statement on George Floyd:

The tragic reality of racial injustice in America needs to remain at the forefront of the national dialogue, with the recent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, along with countless other examples of inequality, hate, and racism. The Thunder commends those who led by example during peaceful protests in Oklahoma City and Tulsa over the weekend, as they are using their voices to demand change that we all know is imperative.

While great sadness and anger resonate throughout the black community and our entire state and the rest of the nation, we join other leaders in accepting responsibility to continue efforts to expand dialogue and enact real change. We believe that change starts by leading through love, empathy, understanding, and leaning on the relationships that we have in place to continue to create a positive impact.