Video: Why Dennis Rodman Would Have Been a Perfect Fit for the Oklahoma City Thunder

Erik Gee

If you could go back in time and pull one player from the past to be a part of the Thunder's roster, you'd probably pick Michael Jordan after all the GOAT was 6-0 in the NBA Finals. 

However, if you work within the confines of the rosters the Thunder has had over their 12 seasons in existence, my pick would have been Dennis Rodman.  Rodman would have fit in perfectly in Oklahoma City during the years of 2013-2016.  

Not only would he have kept possessions alive, and been the key to countless fastbreaks, with his ability to rebound (23rd all-time.) His willingness to guard anybody would have sparked contagious energy.   

Rodman would never have let Draymond Green get away with racking Steven Adams; there would have been a fight, even if it cost him a game in the playoffs, players would have known he had their back. As far as him being a free spirit, the Thunder has always been a player-friendly organization.  

Terrance Ferguson, Alex Abrines, and Chris Paul have all been given time away from the team for personal reasons, and it's not like Russell Westbrook and Adams couldn't have picked up the slack rebounding if Rodman needed a few days in Vegas. 

But, let's not kid ourselves, the main reason Rodman could fit in Oklahoma City or anywhere (expect San Antonio) is that he could ball. If Chuck Daily and Phil Jackson didn't think he was a crucial cog in a championship wheel, they would have cut him on the spot and cited the drama he brought wasn't worth it. 

Not every manger of people can deal with excentric personalities; the NBA is like a daycare for adults. Billy Donovan and Sam Presti both get this, that's why you'll never hear them rip one of their players to the media.  

It takes some coddling to get the most out of young millionaires, and if you can handle a guy hanging out with Pearl Jam till 4 in the morning as long as he produces on the court, then you might have what it takes to coach in the association.