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Where the OKC Thunder’s 2024 NBA Draft Picks Stand

A check in on Oklahoma City’s picks in the upcoming NBA Draft.

The Thunder have had one of the best seasons in its storied history this year, riding the play of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Chet Holmgren, Jalen Williams and a host of other players to a near-55-win pace.

Plenty of teams can boast terrific on-court performances. Denver’s currently tied with OKC in the Western standings, and the Celtics have been a juggernaut this season, boasting 51 wins with 17 games still to play.

But not many organizations are slated for both a top-ten finish in the standings and, potentially, a top-10 pick in the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.

Not long ago, Oklahoma City had four first round picks in 2024: their own selection, an unprotected Clippers pick, Utah’s top-10 protected selection and Houstons top-four protected pick.

The Thunder first dealt the worst of those options to Denver during the NBA Finals, acquiring a protected 2029 first rounder in the process.

Next, Oklahoma City made a deal with Dallas for the second least favorable of those selections, acquiring a 2028 first round swap from the Mavericks and facilitating a deal headlined by Daniel Gafford.

Most simply, OKC is set to get the two best picks available of those original four.

But with just a handful of games left in the 2023-24 regular season, there’s only a few real outcomes remaining regarding those picks.

The Thunder are currently tied for the league's second best record, meaning that pick is almost assuredly going to finish in the 25-30 range and rendering it likely obsolete for OKC. The Clippers, despite a rocky start (and potentially a rocky finish), are also a near-lock to finish in Playoff range at this point.

That leaves just the Rockets and Jazz. Houston will assuredly finish outside the top four in terms of lottery odds, but will have a slim chance at jumping into the upper ranks at the lottery. Most likely, that pick is likely to land with OKC anywhere from nine to 11 range.

Utah’s pick is top-10 protected, and the Jazz are currently riding that line with the ninth-best odds.

Regardless, Oklahoma City is likely to leave with decent picks in a draft that should only stand to help its chances at an NBA title down the line.

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