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WATCH: Aaron Wiggins Shows Out in Summer League

Aaron Wiggins displays what he's worked on this off-season.

Aaron Wiggins is on his way to becoming a second-round success. After giving the Thunder nice minutes last season, Wiggins is looking to improve his role with OKC.

Las Vegas was off to a sizzling start for Wiggins where he shot five-of-nine from the floor during his first two games.

“He’s had a great summer,” Kam Woods said. “He's just so solid. He knows his game. He stays within his game and he always connects us on both ends of the floor.”

Seeming eager to prove what he’s worked on during the off-season, Wiggins shot two-of-two from the perimeter against Houston. He also recorded four boards, one steal and one block.

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Continuing his two-way style against Sacramento, Wiggins finished the game with 10 points, one steal and one block. Impressively shooting a 50 percent clip from the floor, he is looking more efficient.

As a versatile guard, doing a little bit of everything is in Wiggins’ favor. But polishing his game will be key moving forward. If Wiggins can find moments to add finesse to the offense while maintaining his efficient shooting he will solidify a major role in Oklahoma City’s rotation.