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WATCH: Chet Holmgren 'Trying to be a Pro'

Chet Holmgren has been preparing for this moment.

One of the biggest concerns about Chet Holmgren is his lack of strength for his frame. Standing at seven-foot-one but weighing only 195 Ibs has raised questions regarding his durability in the NBA.

“For the last couple of years now, I've really taken a lot of steps in my preparation from eating right to being in the weight room to being on the court,” Holmgren said. “Being on time to everything, things like that just you know, trying to be a pro before I was actually pro.”

That preparation goes far beyond physical, it’s mainly mental. After witnessing Holmgren’s style of play, it’s evident that he has spent a long time preparing to make an impact in the league.

Although that being said, he will need to add more muscle if he hopes to compete alongside the likes of Joel Embiid for example. Luckily for Holmgren, theres still time before training camp to put on a few pounds. 

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