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WATCH: 'Everyone has to Have a Good Summer'

Sam Presti states this off-season's importance for the Thunder.

When Sam Presti said,”everyone has to have a good summer” he was not referring to their fancy vacation plans. The organization needs every player to focus on their perspective games this summer.

Its evident that during the Thunder’s rebuilding phase, development is the upmost priority. Therefore it’s imperative that Oklahoma City’s roster uses this off-season to improve as much as possible before training camp.

“I’m very confident our guys will have 150 days now, which is amazing when you think about what it was we were working with the last two years, but 150 days for some of the guys that we have in our uniform that are hungry and hand selected because of their approach to working. I want to see what happens when they come back,” Presti said.

This will be the first full off-season for the majority of the players on OKC’s roster. Given 150 days to focus on their development will be huge for this young crew.

Seeing how they’ve progressed without a full off-season, there’s no telling what these players can accomplish with more time.

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Presti fully believes this core will put in the work this summer.

“I’m confident they're going to work because if they don't, they're going to get left behind, and they understand that,” Presti said.

“There's more competition on the team. There will be more players coming in.

We did get a lot of guys experience, which is critical for us as we have to make decisions on people. But they're going to have good summers.”

The players know their assignment, but they will be put to the test in training camp.

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