Draymond Green Sends Unexpected Message to Dallas Mavericks Player

Didn't see this one coming from Draymond.
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Draymond Green has spent the majority of his time on Inside the NBA being one of the biggest haters on television. On Sunday night, he decided to switch things around and offer some assistance to Dallas Mavericks big man Daniel Gafford.

"I don't have a question, I just want to give you something," Green said to Gafford on Inside the NBA. "Anytime you catch the ball in the pocket and you're not comfortable going forward, you've got DHO that way to the guard on that side, you've got uphill back to the guy that just passed you. Then they'll put you in a roll situation and you get a dunk. So, if you feel uncomfortable with that just know you can go to that, and I think you've done a great job. It's beautiful seeing the way you're playing basketball."

If Draymond Green is going to continue his career as an on-screen personality for TNT or ESPN, or any network, this is what he needs to continue doing forward. He can't spent all of his on-screen time just bashing the New York Knicks, Rudy Gobert, or whatever personal agenda he has. There's a fine line between critcism, hating, and being entertaining. It may take some time for Draymond Green to find that line, but he's certainly smart enough to get himself there.

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