Former NBA Star Claims Warriors Disrespected Klay Thompson

Did the Warriors disrespect Klay Thompson
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This season, for the first time since his rookie year, Klay Thompson came off the bench. It was a moment that not only shocked NBA fans but also former NBA players.

During a recent episode of Gil's Arena. Kenyon Martin, Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Jennings, and Mark Jackson all debated what team Klay Thompson would play for next season. In the eyes of Martin, the Warriors disrespected Klay Thompson by asking him to come off the bench for rookie Brandin Podziemski.

"That's a sign of disrespect to him," Martin said. "Not for them, not for this organization. Not a chance. I come back from injury, you got me on minute restriction - cool, I still need to start... You're not asking me to come off the bench for a rookie. Just not doing it. Not when I've done what I have here, that's disrespectful."

There are two sides of the coin when it comes to this argument. On one end, it actually is very disrespectful to ask Klay Thompson of all people to come off the bench for a franchise he helped bring four championships to. On the other end, he was severely struggling and playing the worst basketball of his career since the 2014 NBA season.

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At the end of the day, while Klay Thompson not have wanted to come off the bench last season, it felt necessary. The decision reinvigorated his play after months of struggling, and he ultimately got his starting spot back after producing again.

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