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NBA Hall-of-Fame guard Gary Payton has partnered with Hennessy, the Official Spirit of the NBA, to support the brand’s Unfinished Business initiative. Hennessy has partnered with the NBA to amplify the reach and impact of their Unfinished Business initiative, giving $2.5M in funding directly to minority-owned small businesses in local communities across America.

Unfinished Business is a long-term initiative from Hennessy that has distributed more than $7.5M in funding to help minority-owned small businesses power through challenges resulting from COVID-19. In honor of the NBA's 75th Anniversary, Hennessy is spotlighting 75 Unfinished Business recipients that are going above and beyond to make an impact in their communities.

When asked about the partnership, Payton said, "It means a lot to me. All these small business owners put their life savings into this, then the pandemic hit and forced so many businesses to shut down. I walk through downtown Oakland and I see businesses I’ve been going to for 10-15 years boarded up because of the pandemic and not being able to afford things like their mortgage or employee salaries."

On his specific goal with this partnership, Payton said, "We’re trying to get people back on their feet and help businesses re-open and stay open. Hennessy had already given more than $5 million through their Unfinished Business program, but they partnered with the NBA to give another $2.5 million to bring the total to $7.5 million in the NBA's 75th Anniversary. I’m excited to work with them because I’m passionate about helping small business owners and I’ve been there. I’ve seen my businesses fail, but I also had more means than some of these small business owners who are struggling to keep their doors open. I’m proud to work with Hennessy and the NBA to help get these businesses back on their feet."