Golden State Warriors Organization Makes Announcement

The Golden State Warriors revealed some news.
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The Golden State Warriors organization has a major offseason ahead of them, but not all of their news is solely about their roster. The team also revealed that they're launching their own WNBA team, and the name has been officially revealed.

The name of Golden State's WNBA team will officially be the Golden State Valkyries.

The announcement was made in a video by the Valkyries' Twitter page, where the video was narrated by Kehlani. The video received 3.2 million views in under 24 hours, a resounding success.

The Golden State Valkyries page already had 25,000 followers on Twitter, and received a major shoutout from the Mayor of Oakland, California.

"Oakland is thrilled to welcome our newest member of the Bay Area sports family: the WNBA Golden State Valkyries," Mayor Sheng Thao said in a video. "These fierce athletes will kick off their inaugural season next year and their headquarters will be right here in downtown Oakland."

The Valkyries are the first new WNBA franchise since 2008. Its creation marks a significant moment in the sport, showing that there's enough interest to warrant a new franchise. The team won't be quite ready during the 2024 WNBA season but will debut during the 2025 WNBA season. One can definitely expect Steph Curry and members of the Golden State Warriors to be routine attendees at games.

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